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Our campaigns are in full swing! Please follow along on this page for the latest information and updates on Mark, Dave, Josh and the MtL Biz Matters effort - and contact us anytime with questions or to let us know if there are topics you would like us to introduce and discuss as we head toward election day. 


All of us have been surprised by the level of interest and the in depth conversations we have had on so many topics around Mt. Lebanon. It has shown that people are engaged, they do want to be heard, but often do not have a pathway to reach the decision makers in our community. This is why we are running. The Commissioners make ALL of the final calls - but these outcomes should be based on the input of the stakeholders (residents, property owners, business owners...), NOT just on what the Commissioners want to do. As we end the month, the draft of the next phase of Ascend Lebo has been published. 

Our post - Facebook, October 30

Follow us on this site and our Facebook and Instagram pages from now until election day next Tuesday - content to share and topics to use when talking to friends and neighbors. We have met with many of you, knocked on a LOT of doors, sent mail, put up signs, had friends of the campaign reach out to their networks, but now we need your help to get out the vote! 


The interest in the campaign continues to grow - follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Moffett Street, Washington Road, the Denis Theater, the new roundabouts, garbage contracts - there is no shortage of topics when we are talking with people in the community.

Do you have a particular question? Reach out to us:
to Mark DeRubeis directly -
to Dave Boyce directly -
to Josh Elliott directly -


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram - today, see our thoughts on these pricey little green signs. Over $60,000?!? Ward 3's current Commissioner (Anne Swager Wilson) spearheaded this project - do you think it was a fiscally responsible idea?

Vote Dave Boyce, to represent YOU, Ward 3!


The Denis had their big announcement today - "upon renovation" a partnership with Row House Cinema will occur. Isn't the renovation what we have been waiting for? It has been decades. Better solution? There is a path for a public private partnership, there is opportunity for tax breaks, there is a need to have this building, in a prime real estate location, be a thriving venture that benefits not just Mt. Lebanon residents, but people from all over. Instead, the commissioners say "There's nothing we can do" - they are the leaders of the municipality, there is ALWAYS something they can do. Read the press release from the Denis here:


What do the Commissioners do? The list is long...


We are having some excellent "Meet & Greets"

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